NSE Only Buyers:

For today, track these stocks that have only buyers or are closed in the upper circuit.

Company Name: Tera Software Last Price: 58.80 %Change: 15.86% Volume Traded: 2,969.02

Company Name: Allcargo Logistics Last Price: 381.55 %Change: 11.13% Volume Traded: 3,163.86

Company Name: Vidhi Specialty Food Last Price: 423.35 %Change: 10.02% Volume Traded: 430.35

Company Name: Vinyl Chemicals Last Price: 719.50 %Change: 10.00% Volume Traded: 906.68

Company Name: Future Consumer Last Price: 2.25 %Change: 9.76% Volume Traded: 33,597.42

Company Name: Kavveri Telecom Prod Last Price: 10.15 %Change: 9.73% Volume Traded: 60.37

Company Name: DCM Last Price: 80.55 %Change: 9.67% Volume Traded: 487.66

Company Name: Swan Energy Last Price: 234.40 %Change: 9.61% Volume Traded: 1,580.10

This is the list of penny stocks closed in the upper circuit today. Keep a close watch on these stocks for the coming session.